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"As the top graduate in Gaston College’s Class of 2014, Daniel Fredell received both the Leadership Award and the Excellence Award.  Dan is mature, bright, Zen, talented, and great with people.  Anyone who has the chance to work with this consummate professional should jump at the opportunity." - Dr. Leonard Martineau, PhD, LMBT, RYT

"Professionalism, dedication, sincerity, knowledgeable, passionate. These are all qualities that Daniel Fredell carries into each job, task, and project he undertakes. Above all else, Daniel is genuine and a people person who cares about everyone he comes across. These things combined allow him to provide the best in all he does." - Jacob Surratt, MS, ACSM-HFS, ACE-CPT

"Couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people that are patient with new students. The facility is very clean and a nice lay out. If you’re in the area, I recommend Fènix!!" - Regan Punch

"Daniel Fredell really is a superior personal trainer.  I’ve been impressed by the depth of his knowledge on strength training, fitness and overall wellbeing. He spends significant time custom-designing workouts for his clients, ensuring that you are always challenged and never bored. He is personable, professional and consistently prepared. I highly recommend him, and am happy to serve as a reference for him." - Robert Vipperman, Ph.D.

"Fènix is an amazing place to train. The primary reason is Jason and Daniel
truly accept anyone, and everyone, who is interested in, and committed to, studying jiu jitsu. I have heard them both say, "This is how I do it; make it your own. Create your jiu jitsu". At Fènix there are super serious practitioners and, like me, the hobbyists. No matter your level, or intensity, they've got something to teach you.

Their inclusive attitude and commitment to maintaining a positive, productive
learning environment is the source, imho, of excellence of Fènix. It's from there anyone coming through the door benefits from not just from their instruction, but also from the amazing team at Fènix. The team, from the highest to the lowest belts, is ready to help anyone learn the art. I have found the team to be an amazing resource for learning and camaraderie.

I haven't studied too many places, but from my limited experience, and talking to others, Fènix is special. Indeed, I wouldn't take my teenage daughters just anywhere to grapple." - Anthony Alderman

"After years of trying to get into shape, hampered by sore knees, shoulders and such, I decided to make a switch. Original Workout has been the best decision I have made for my health and fitness in the last 25 years. With Rob's Ketogenic Diet and Daniel's training, I was able to lose 28 pounds and 4.5 inches in my waist in the first 90 days. This is not a conventional gym folks, it is a training facility that will keep you on track to meet your set goals and keep you motivated!" - Shawn Pennell

"This is by far the hardest and most rewarding of anything I've done!! Daniel Fredell is amazing at what he does!" - Frankie Bruno

"Being NEW at anything is challenging, but when you combine experience, dedication, and enthusiasm, with a professional attitude you will be successful. In just a few days and weeks you can see change and growth. Step on the mats and you feel the energy and devotion. There is a caring, nurturing atmosphere and team spirit already in place at Fe'Nix Jiu-Jitsu! Challenge yourself! See you on the mats." - Jeff Mingus

"I have been training with Daniel for over a year now. I have found that he is one of the most experienced and committed trainers around. I started training three days a week, as part of a group session, and really appreciated the variety and challenge he put into the sessions along with the one-on-one, if needed. I enjoyed it so much that I added an additional day.

     Daniel focuses on helping me achieve my goals. My fitness has increased noticeably and I have seen improvements in my physique and strength. Daniel constantly pushes me throughout each session to become better than the time before. I walk away feeling accomplished and proud of myself.

     Most importantly, he ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. He is extremely reliable and punctual. I thoroughly enjoy training with Daniel and would highly recommend him!"
-Melisa Rollins

     "I like obstacle course racing (OCR) and have been hooked going on 3 years.  I found them to be challenging.   I’ve participated in a lot of OCR races and during the previous year of racing,  I realized my performance with each race wasn’t improving.  I had hit a plateau!   I knew I needed to do something different.   I was telling a marathon runner (a friend) of my dilemma, he informed me he had encountered the same issue and incorporated Original Workout Personal Training into his training routine and is seeing great improvements in his marathon results.  So, I contacted Original Workouts’ Daniel Fredell and we discussed my situation.   Daniel creates training geared to help me achieve my goals.   He pushes me hard and it amazes how much work can be accomplished in a training session.     

     But, have I seen a difference in my OCR racing?  Yes!  I handle the obstacles that require upper body strength more effectively and with more success (don’t end up in the water or doing penalty exercises).  Where I see the most improvement is in my endurance and leg strength.   I use to find myself getting exhausted on the steep terrain.   I still get exhausted on the steep terrain but I NOW GO UP THE STEEP TERRAIN ABOUT TWICE THE SPEED I USE TO!   Plateau broken!  I’m very pleased with Daniel’s direction and training.   For me, the results have been amazing." - Marc Buhrmaster


Daniel is so passionate and enthusiastic about his Kickboxing. He truly wants to push you to your absolute best  that you can be. 

One of the most challenging workouts physically, and mentally....  and yet I absolutely LOVE every minute of it!!!!" - MaryBeth Cox

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