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Bodyweight Training

In the wake of recent events, it seems that now everyone is either a bodyweight expert or a bodyweight critic. It's either all you need or completely worthless. I disagree with both sides of this knuckle-headed argument. The body is a tool just like any other. If you understand programming, progressive overload, and basic body mechanics, then any tool used will do the trick. In college, I created an entire 6 week program for fat loss that utilized a textbook as the only tool. Is your body the only tool you need? No, you also need some kettlebells. Unfortunately, it may be the only tool you have available. In that case, are you just supposed to ride the couch and hope you can get back in shape quickly when the gyms open? No, mechanics don't refuse a job because the battery died in there cordless drill. No, They grab a screwdriver and get the job done. Same rules apply here. Use every tool at your disposal and get off your ass.

I have seen some say that bodyweight training does nothing for them and in some cases I could believe that. So I compiled a list of challenges that I would have to see to qualify someone "Too Badass For That." If you can perform these exercises without needing a break than you fit that category. Please comment and I will add you to the list.

1000 Bodyweight Squats

1000 Push-ups

100 Bodyweight Pull-ups

100 Pistol Squats (each side)

I hope to hear from some of you critics soon.

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