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April 8: Shelter in Place

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

With the "Shelter in Place" order, many are afraid to leave their homes at all. This is ridiculous; get out of the house. Just stay away from people. Especially small people, those things carry all kinds of germs. I haven't seen a single report on trees, grass, or pavement carrying COVID-19. If you're bitching about not being able to get to the gym, but you haven't logged any miles on the road or trail, then you're just giving yourself excuses and putting off your goals. "But, but, but, it'll kill my gains!" (sob, sob) No it won't. Muscle activation will never hinder muscle development. Those quarantine snacks are going to do that long before running ever will. I have completed an ultra marathon on the side of a mountain and a 25k on the dumbest Billy Goat trail I've ever seen and the only thought in my mind was, "AHHHHHH my legs have never hurt like this before!!!" True story, you should've seen my wife escorting me up the steps and grocery shopping the following day. Reminded me of my days back in Cardio/pulmonary Rehab, except I was the one shuffling my feet and holding on to the walker for dear life.

TLDR: Get off your ass and out of the house. No, you cannot buy a tiger.

Today's Work:

3x 12 KB Seesaw Press/12 Bent Over KB Rows (12kg)

Mace Pullovers (10,15, 20x3)

3x 12 Banded upright rows (40)/ 12 club low row (15)

4x 8 KB Kroc Rows (36kg)

3x 8 KB Windmills (16kg)

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