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April 7 Thoughts

I heard a quote last night that has stuck with me all day today. "Saying something a 100 times is not as good as living it once." (Olympus Has Fallen). It made me think about many if not all facets of life, but mainly the "job vs lifestyle" conundrum: Are you doing what you do just to pay the bills, or are you doing what you truly want to do? I am extremely lucky that I get to wake up every morning and do what I love to do. I haven't "worked" for a paycheck in years and I never plan to again.

I don't post a lot because honestly I don't feel compelled to. I'd much rather be a doer than a talker, but "motivation often requires an audience." (A quote from a client/mentor from years ago). I plan to share more and use my "spare" time to find new ways of creating drive and connection; to prove that even when everything is going off the rails, the true professionals are still doing what they do best.

Today's Work: 10 mins mobility (hips and shoulders) 10 x 10 double kb clean and press (3x 12kg/7x 16kg) 5x 12 banded rows/ 6 steel club iron crosses/ 12 banded cheat press 3x 20 kb swings (36kg) 3x 20 hip banded kg rdl (36kg) 3x 12 kb bottoms up curls (8kg)/12 kb figure 8s (16kg) 3x 40m Farmer Carries (24kgs)

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